Supporting smaller shops

I started unironically thinking that supporting smaller shops is morally good. By supporting them I mean giving up some convenience and buying from them instead of feeding their overpowered competition like Amazon. Even though I am mostly thinking about online shops when I talk about this and haven't made the move to smaller shops outside of the internet so far, the same principle can of course apply to actual physical shops.

One might call this "voting with your dollar" (or whatever else your currency is). We can use our money to vote for shops that work with love and give us good service, as well as for a competitive market in general.

This is likely a concept that many people can get behind, especially since "supporting family businesses" and "buying locally" are easily linked to supporting honest work and getting quality products. The Covid pandemic probably strengthened this idea of supporting smaller businesses for many people. While huge corporations such as the biggest physical store chains or Amazon have a lot of resources to deal with a season of hostile conditions, smaller shops can much more easily cease to exist under, lets say, temporary regulations. They can't do a lot about them in comparison, especially since they might not be spread out across multiple international markets that can serve as backup streams of income.

What can we take home from this? Consider "voting with your dollar" by buying from smaller shops. This enables them to provide good service and keeps healthy competition on the market alive. It prevents the formation of monopolies that can do as they please - which could come back at you.

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